There are wide spaces we carry inside, seized by the urban madness surrounding us – all together an illuminated artificial cosmos – LUCIA FIELDS


Summer, Berlin 2016: Lucia, trained vocalist, violinist and songwriter, meets multi-instrumentalist and street artist Martie. Fascinated by Martie’s unique approach to creating beats and soundscapes with the help of hardware electronic instruments only, Lucia joins him for numerous improvised live sessions in the streets and parks of Berlin. In the streets their highest goal is to be right in the center of real life, in order to crystallise real moments in real time! The project name, Lucia Fields as „the illuminated fields“ shows their connection to the urban spaces they are performing at (Tempelhofer Flugfeld, Görlitzer Park etc.). Martie’s machines represent the filter through which those natural spaces reflect artificially into their music. Meanwhile Lucia herself illuminates these spaces vocally, by creating tangible lyrical themes. Their musical range sits somewhere in-between trip hop as well as electro pop and techno-ish dance tracks. This gave them the opportunity to play at various different events in and around Berlin. Since summer 2017 the duo started to spend more time in the studio together, in order to create their first album. As a live act Lucia Fields can play concerts, during which they present their finished compositions as well as improvised or partially improvised live sets of 1-4h length! And of course, all of that WITHOUT A LAPTOP!